Food Safety

The staff at Sugar 'N Spice is committed to producing safe, quality products for its customers.

Our nut-free facility operates under FDA regulations and a HACCP-PC based quality system program that is independently audited by third party institutions following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's). Under these standards, Sugar ‘N Spice maintains many pre-requisite food safety programs such as Standard Operating Procedures, Pest and Chemical Controls, Sanitation Processes, Employee Training, Product Traceability and Recall, etc. We have a well-established Allergen Control Program, all products containing dairy, soy and wheat are filled and stored in a separate room followed by a strategic sanitation process, preventing cross-contamination.

Supporting quality programs are in place to ensure all products are manufactured to meet pre-established specification parameters including quality of product, product weight/seal inspections, and analysis of physical, chemical and microbiological variables. Sugar 'N Spice has received an EXCELLENT rating from ASI Food Safety during our 2016 GMP Audit.