Benefits of Bringing smalldisplay.jpg
Sugar ‘N Spice into Your Store

  • High Margin with virtually no loss.
  • Great value for your customers. Sugar ‘N Spice is typically half the price of national brands and generally provides more quantity.

  • Sugar ‘N Spice offers an extensive selection of spices and spice blends, many of which are not available in leading national brands.

  • We provide a Private Label option, which promotes your company name on a high-quality, high-value product.

  • Bulk Food Concept with a “Refill & Save” format. Customers buy
    product in inexpensive bags and refill their existing spice jars at home.

We have an excellent outside sales team that works with each store individually to meet the needs of the area, by determining the number and type of spices, the display option, and the mark-up needed by the store. Our expertise is valuable in guiding new and existing companies through the process of creating new, high quality products for the market.


Strategic Product Placement in the Produce Department

  • Minimal Inventory with No Back Stock Required. With our program you only carry what you need to keep the display rack filled. If you need three basil, you only order three basil, not a case of twelve. When ordering by the piece rather than the case you can minimize inventory levels and guarantee freshness.

  • Very fresh dried herbs and spices that compliment the spice aisle.

  • Profit margins typically set in the 40 to 60% range with no loss, from a program that requires minimal labor. 

  • Sugar ‘N Spice has over 1,200 stores selling our products and approximately 95% of them have displays in their produce department. Some notable chains would include;  Cub Foods, Hornbacher’s, Woodman’s, Kroger, Hy-Vee, Piggly Wiggly, Sentry, Marsh, Schnuck’s, Cashwise, Coborn’s, County Markets, Sun Mart, Miner’s SuperOnes, Dominick’s, and EconoFoods.


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